What Not to Wear This Holiday Season

November 10, 2015 - Lifestyle
What Not to Wear This Holiday Season

While your family might understand your personality and desire to wear certain types of attire, the same types of garments are not appropriate for an office party. It is important to remember that your bosses are still getting an impression of your abilities by seeing what you wear for any occasion. Here is a list of clothing to avoid wearing to holiday events.

One: Miniskirt

Extremely short skirts are considered inappropriate at holiday parties in office environments. An important rule to remember is that if you would never wear it to work, don’t wear it at the office Christmas party. Miniskirts are too revealing at work or parties, and wearing one can give management the wrong impression of your personal judgment.

Two: Low-Cut Necklines

Also, avoid wearing a blouse or dress with a plunging neckline that will get you stares but can lead to embarrassment when you return to work on Monday morning. You don’t need to wear a turtleneck sweater to a holiday party, but save the low-cut necklines for date night instead.

Three: See-Through Blouses

Do not wear see-through blouses that show the body or a brassiere at a holiday party. Office parties are about socializing at a higher level than the local bar, and your bosses will remember inappropriate behavior when it is time for promotions at work.

Four: Leggings

Tight leggings are a popular garment for women to wear underneath long sweaters, but many individuals are wearing this clothing in the wrong way. Do not wear leggings to holiday work parties to avoid having others see all of your body’s curves.

Five: Silly Christmas Sweaters

A fun holiday tradition for many friends is to have an ugly Christmas sweater party, but leave this garment at home when attending a holiday party with work colleagues. Anytime you are around bosses, you want them to view you as a professional, and an ugly sweater makes you seem juvenile.

Six: High Heel Shoes

You want to look attractive at a holiday party instead of provocative, and high heel shoes at work parties give the wrong impression to your coworkers. Select shoes with a lower heel that are dressy but look professional.

Seven: Blue Jeans

While your employer may have stated that the holiday party is a casual event, avoid wearing blue jeans. Choose a dressy pair of cotton or polyester slacks to wear with a classic sweater or shirt.

Choose Garment Colors Carefully

You might think that combining bright red and Christmas green together at a holiday work party is a good idea, but it isn’t. If you wear a red slacks and a green shirt together, then you will look like a Christmas elf.