Trade Show Displays: Great Ideas That Get Noticed

October 29, 2015 - Business
Trade Show Displays: Great Ideas That Get Noticed

Hosting a booth at a trade show is a wonderful way to get noticed, to network and to boost interest in your company’s products and services. Depending on the trade show┬áthat you attend, hundreds or even thousands of your customers and clients may be exposed to your business and may learn more about what you have to offer. More than that, you may also be able to generate new leads, boost your opt-in marketing list and achieve other fabulous results. However, in order to be as successful as possible at a trade show or conference, your booth must get noticed. Trade shows can be crowded, busy environments, and it is not always easy to get the attention of attendees. By developing a great trade show display idea, you can truly get noticed and achieve the results you desire.

When Space Is Limited
You may host a smaller booth at a trade show that is not entirely tailored to your industry but that may still have a beneficial purpose for you or when funds are limited. When you opt for a smaller booth, you still want to stand out and get noticed. A portable display that is customized specifically for your business is a thoughtful idea. These can include custom graphics on a backdrop display, and you can fill in the space in front of it with everything from a podium or seating area to a product display area or a demonstration table.

When You Have a Large Space to Work With
With a larger display area, you want your clients and customers to feel as though they are walking into a retail store or exhibit area. These may have custom flooring and lighting, numerous walls, various display areas and demonstration podiums, hands-on areas, turntables, custom graphics or holographic displays and more. While a portable display can be elaborate yet small, it may still be assembled entirely by your staff members. With a larger display that includes lighting, flooring and multiple walls, you generally need to plan for the professional installation of your booth. These are true investments that you may take with you from trade show to trade show for several seasons or even years in some cases. However, some modifications may be needed so that your attendees can still get excited about visiting your area.

If you plan to host a booth at a trade show in the coming weeks or months, designing a professional booth that can attract attention and that makes a statement about your business is important. A smart idea is to work with a professional display design firm to create a design that accomplishes your goals and that is still priced within your budget.