Seven Places You Must See On Your Tour of Italy

October 17, 2015 - Travel
Seven Places You Must See On Your Tour of Italy

There are many more than seven great places to see on a tour of Italy, but here are some top contenders of most travelers’ favorite locations.

On the coast of northwestern Italy, five villages spread along an ocean trail are among the most beautiful places in the world. The Blue Trail is easy for everyone to maneuver walking from village to village, and there are old trails that have existed for centuries with more stunning views and hidden niches. Starting with Monterosso al Mare at the north end, each village is about a mile apart making the trail about five miles. End up in Riomaggiore and have dinner.

North of Cinque Terre, near Switzerland, three very large lakes provide some of the loveliest scenery on earth. Lakes Maggiore, Lugano and Como, going west to east, are among the hills and mountains of the Alps. Sample the food here, too. Northern Italian cuisine is hearty and pairs with different red wines than cuisine in southern Italy.

Florence, in particular, is a very popular destination of most Italian tours. The Renaissance centered around this city, and the art is astounding. See the David. The Medici family dominates history books around the world, and they lived in Florence. Walk where Michelangelo walked while he lived in the Medici palace. Learn about Machiavelli here:

Why go if not to see Rome? The Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican are the big deal places seen in countless films over many decades. Maybe the pope will be in residence.

South of Rome, near Naples, Pompeii sits in eerie but splendid ruins. Some of it is still covered since 79 AD, 2,036 years after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Two and a half million visitors per year cannot be wrong. This is where the bodies, turned to stone, lie in a museum in the positions in which they died. Look it up.

The coastline south of Naples is the place to hit the beach in Italy. Enjoy a limoncello in its birthplace. Pick up some Vietri ceramics seen in upscale kitchenware stores in the USA and other places around the globe.

Off the tip of the boot, Sicily is at the southern end of Italy, and it has everything. Beaches, food, ruins, Mt. Etna, cathedrals, food, Majolica ware, food. The food is important, here, just like grandma’s dishes in Brooklyn. The Mediterranean diet is also popular for calorie counters. The city of Marsala makes the famous wine. Don’t miss it.

One of the most scenic countries in the world, Italy is the gem of Europe.