Label Printing: How It’s Changed the Business Industry

November 25, 2015 - Business
Label Printing: How It’s Changed the Business Industry

The use of digitally printed labels has been revolutionary for the business industry. Label printing is vital to a variety of industries, including food service, health and beauty, lawn and garden, special events and promotions, and much more. Even museums have started to use custom-printed labels to add style to their exhibits.

When it comes to labels, the right one can help you establish your brand and grow your business. Here are some of the benefits that digital labels bring to the corporate world.

Fast Turnaround

Label printing done digitally doesn’t require plates, so no printing plate is required for each color on the label’s design. This means that there’s a shorter setup time for your labels, they’re printed faster, and you will receive them sooner.

Great Quality

Colorful and vibrant graphics grab the most attention from potential customers. A great label will feature crisp, clear images, a thoughtful design, and complementary colors. The result is a memorable image that will draw customers to your product again and again.


By avoiding the use of printing plates, the cost of digital printing is relatively low. Businesses are able to produce a large amount of labels for an affordable price.

Eliminates Waste

Whether they are produced in-house or outsourced to a label provider, digital printing allows companies to order only items they need. Known as “short run labels,” these orders allow businesses to receive the labels they currently need rather than purchasing them in bulk.

Flexibility in Design

Marketers should frequently examine whether their company’s label design stands out from the crowd. When using a traditional flexographic press, costs can add up quickly with every design change. A key advantage to digital label printing is that new designs can be printed right away, without plate changes or setup costs.

Completely Customizable

Unique, custom labels allow businesses to create the best design for attracting their target market. Variable data printing allows label creators to add names from business databases, numbers, or multiple barcodes. The possibilities are limitless—one popular brand once incorporated a chromatic, color-changing label. These labels continue to be popular today.

Environmentally Friendly

Digital printing enables companies to limit setup materials and print more efficiently, resulting in less waste. Companies can choose recycled digital inks, which are available from many printing suppliers. Businesses can also opt to print their materials on recycled, chlorine-free paper stock.

The popularity of digital printing continues to grow across several markets today. Today’s label printing technologies allow businesses to explore many creative possibilities when promoting their products and services.