Ideas for Updating and Increasing Home Appeal

October 24, 2015 - Lifestyle
Ideas for Updating and Increasing Home Appeal

There are simple steps homeowners can take to boost the curb appeal of a home. Improving the look of the exterior appearance of the house and front lawn can add to property values as well as earn the admiration of the neighborhood. The next weekend you’re looking for a side project around the house, consider completing one of these tasks, which can all be completed by the homeowner with average do-it-yourself skills.

The installation of a new front door is one of the most beneficial upgrades that can be done to increase the appeal of a home. A new front door instantly enhances a home’s appearance, can provide additional security, can actually add to the perceived value of a home, and often increases the value of a home in excess of the cost of the door. A study by a reputable door manufacturer determined that on average a beautiful new entry door increased the value of a home by triple the cost of the door. New entry doors are manufactured in a wide variety of materials and styles to suit the needs of any homeowner.

Homeowners looking to add curb appeal to a home should also consider outdoor lighting options. Outdoor lighting can be used to gently illuminate and highlight important architectural features of a home that would otherwise remain shrouded in darkness. Many variations of porch lights and vans with integrated lights are available to add artistic and practical value. Outdoor lighting should be installed along pathways for safety reasons, and around beautiful landscaping to add a dramatic effect. A properly lit front or backyard is also less prone to be intruded upon by wild animals or strangers with ill intent.

Install new hardware on the front of the house to give it a relatively cheap but effective face lift. At any large home improvement store, homeowners can find new house numbers, updated mailboxes, shutters, and front door hardware in many different styles and finishes. Design experts recommend matching these components of the exterior to bring them into focus. New, complementary hardware gives the impression upon first glance that the home is well maintained and cared for.

Proper care of the landscaping and the existing structure of the home is the final step to maximize curb appeal. It costs little to nothing to trim the hedges, pull weeds, and properly fertilize, water, edge and mow the lawn. Those who want to go the extra mile should go to a nursery to choose from an overwhelming selection of plants, bushes, mulch, stone, water fountains, and other items to greatly enhance the landscaping of the yard. It is also important to periodically repaint the exterior of the house to include the trim. Often a quick 30-minute retouch effort can make all the difference.