Five Reasons To Live By the Water

October 13, 2015 - Health, Lifestyle
Five Reasons To Live By the Water

Many people’s idea of paradise involves a cabin on the beach somewhere, and for good reason. Living by the water has a number of benefits you just won’t find in a land locked area. Here are five reasons to live by the water.


1. The scenery.


The natural environments provided by living near water just can’t be beaten. Whether you’re in the tropics and have palm trees, or in a more temperate zone with cattails, the flowers and wildlife that are attracted by water are beautiful. Plus, you get the benefit of watching the sunrise and sunset reflected across the water. Imagine ending the day watching the sun dip below the horizon, listening to the sound of water fowl.


2. Reassurance.


Deep within the human psyche is a need for water. We feel that when we get thirsty, but living near the water itself can put a person at ease because a vital resource they need is within sight. The animalistic part of the human brain (the part responsible for survival instinct) is able to relax slightly when it knows water is close by. Living by the water is relaxing.


3. There’s always something to do.


Its hard to get bored when you live near the water. Whether you want to go boating, fishing, kayaking, or snorkeling, there are a plethora of water-based activities that can’t be found on land. Even mundane activities become a bit more entertaining when there is a beautiful view just outside the window.


4. It provides a completely different lifestyle.

On land, people use cars to get around. However, when entire communities have sprung up around bodies of water, the lifestyle changes a bit. People will use boats to get to and from places, and pulling alongside a neighbor to have a quick chat in the middle of the lake is commonplace. People are also more active when they live along the water; humans have a tendency to run and take part in physical activities when they live close to water.


5. You’ll sleep better.


Studies have shown that living near the water actually makes you sleep better than in other places. The air is cleaner, and the fresh ocean breeze helps to relax tired muscles and put you into a state of near-meditation. The sound of waves follows a rhythmic pattern that promotes sleep. Think about how well you rest when on vacation at the beach, and imagine that sort of rest all year-round.

Living near the water has a number of different benefits. While beachfront property can be expensive, it is well worth it for someone looking to move to a new place and change their way of life.