Custom Homes: Tips for Building the Home of Your Dreams

October 29, 2015 - Lifestyle
Custom Homes: Tips for Building the Home of Your Dreams

While you could buy a builder-grade home, many people struggle to find the quality, style or layout that they are looking for in pre-determined floor plans. A custom home gives you the ability to personalize every detail of your home to your satisfaction. This includes everything from storage space and bedroom size to the placement of light fixtures and how large or small the windows are. If you are preparing to build a custom home, you can follow a few important tips to build the home of your dreams.

Review Many Design Options
A smart idea is to explore some of the many design options so that you get a better idea about what you like and do not like. You can tour homes, look at design ideas online or review home and architectural magazines. Create a portfolio of features that you like, materials that you want to incorporate into your space and other design elements that you find appealing. Some of these may be innovative products, like high-tech light features. Others may be more general, such as the shape of the island in the kitchen. Your architect can review your design ideas and can compile them into a plan that incorporates all of the ideas into a single floor plan for you.

Build Your Home Around Your Lot
The most beautiful, impressive homes are those that are customized according to the lot. For example, if you have a sloping lot, they may have an additional ground floor space rather than a large slab foundation. If there is an excellent view, they may have large bay windows or a gorgeous outdoor living space that is located in an area that takes advantage of the views. There may even be large tree that is a highlight of the lot that can be accentuated by the placement or shape of the home.

A custom home is truly the vision of the homeowner, and you will enjoy the best overall results from the custom build process when you take time to fully develop your vision for the space. Nobody wants to go through the process of building a custom home only to later have regrets about the design, layout or placement of the home. This is a process that should not be rushed. Take time to review all of the design possibilities and to form a complete vision of what you would like to achieve in your space. In addition, spend time on your land or lot, exploring it from different angles and taking time to form your thoughts on the best placement of the home. Finally, be sure to effectively communicate your design ideas about your custom home to your architect so that your vision can be brought to life.