Capture Your Audience With These 4 Print Products

October 30, 2015 - Business
Capture Your Audience With These 4 Print Products

Savvy advertisers are adept at targeting a specific audience with cost-effective print media advertising. Capture your audience with these 4 print products: a corporate identity package, marketing brochures, newspaper display ads, and vehicle signs or wraps. Utilizing these four products simultaneously maximizes promotion dollars and leaves an indelible impression on your audience.

1. Corporate Identity Packages
If you’re a new startup or you want to rejuvenate a current brand, start by building a corporate identity package: basically, your logo, business card, letterhead and envelope. Your corporate identity package is your “face” to the world and the best sales representative you’ll ever have. A custom designed logo represents all that a company stands for, its mission, values, product or service. As soon as the logo has been professionally designed, have it imprinted on business cards, letterhead and envelopes. But don’t scrimp on printing! Order the highest quality card stock, paper and envelope you can afford because potential customers will judge credibility based on the quality of your corporate identity package.

2. Marketing Brochures
Every company needs a vehicle which tells their story in greater detail than a business card or a 30-second commercial. A two- or four-color brochure is a slow absorption publication that provides more detailed information about products and services over a longer period of time. Print a tri-fold brochure in four-color process on UV coated enamel stock and potential customers will not only take time to read the content, but refer back to it often before deciding to make a purchase.

3. Newspaper Display Ads
Display advertising in a local newspaper or tabloid is a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Newspapers can target and place your small or large space ad to reach a specific demographic. Slow absorption publications like newspapers, special interest magazines and tabloids and can stay in the home for as much as seven to thirty days and more. A well placed ad can reach tens of thousands of households, depending on the tabloid’s circulation.

4. Vehicle Wraps
If your company owns a fleet of trucks or even a single van, consider taking signage to another level by wrapping the vehicle in a large graphic. Some print companies offer wide format printing on vinyl substrates. Advertisers can get great outcomes with vehicle wraps on cars, trucks, vans or buses to keep their brand in the consumer’s mind all day every day. Just be sure to hire a professional photographer and graphic designer to ensure that your wrap has the sharpest image taken at the highest resolution. The mileage you’ll get from mobile advertising is well worth the cost!