8 Frugal Home Improvement Ideas

January 15, 2016 - Lifestyle
8 Frugal Home Improvement Ideas

To improve the quality of your home and increase its value, it’s important to perform a few home improvement projects. From minor repairs to major upgrades, it’s possible to transform the space and allow it to appear newer with small adjustments that are made. Although home improvement projects can quickly add up, there are a few that are inexpensive to perform.

1. Install a Chandelier in the Laundry Room

Enhance the quality of your laundry room by installing a chandelier that will allow the space to look chic and regal. Many chandeliers are priced under $100 and are easy to install for the average homeowner. Although most guests won’t expect to see a decorative fixture in the laundry room, it will immediately enhance the appeal of the space for a more comfortable setting.

2. Wallpaper an Accent Wall

More people are throwing out the paint and are adding wallpaper to accent walls in the home for cozy detail that will work as the focal point in the room. Consider adding chevron wallpaper in a living room or a large floral print in one of the bathrooms to enhance the level of decor in the home.

3. Use New Hardware

According to, installing new hardware in a kitchen or bathroom can brighten up the room and allow it to look updated. This is an easy DIY project for homeowners that will only take a few minutes to complete.

4. Add New Stair Brackets

Add instant appeal to your interior property with decorative stair brackets that are fastened on the outside of the stringer. According to, this can upgrade the design of your stairs and allow it to look stylish.

5. Install Natural Fiber Shades

Natural fiber shades are a beautiful way of decorating the windows and still having plenty of privacy. They look natural and suit different styles of homes while also working to insulate the windows.

6. Use Dimmers
The overhead lighting that is used in the home determines the tone and mood of the setting. Instead of creating a stark and cold setting, use dimmers to create a cozy space that is incredibly comfortable.

7. Add a New Doorbell

One of the first impressions that your home makes with your guests is with the doorbell when your visitors arrive. Old or broken doorbells can cause the home to appear outdated. Install a new bell, which will allow the property to feel warm and inviting without leaving you embarrassed.

8. Transform a Closet into an Office

Increase the functionality of your home by adding a home office, which can be added in a closet. You can unhinge the door for an open space that is more roomy with a chair, desk, and shelves that are added. This can be used for children in the home who need to work on their homework or as a space to pay the bills each month.