7 Truths About Using Sales to Market Your Business

December 28, 2015 - Business
7 Truths About Using Sales to Market Your Business

For most companies, there is a clear division between sales and marketing departments. For others, there is no clear division. In this case, the people who market products and sell them to customers are the same employees. However, making this transition isn’t as easy as it may seem. With that in mind, below are seven truths about using sales to market your business you should consider.

1. You Will Need to Keep It In-House

If you wish to combine sales and marketing, you will need to make sure you are exerting control over the process. If you don’t, your branding and reputation with the public could quickly get out of control. With this strategy, you should probably choose not to outsource the sales and marketing aspect of your company. As outlined in this Forbes article, sometimes outsourcing means losing control of your business.

2. Your Employees Will Need to Be Company Ambassadors
If you are using sales as a means to market your company, you need to insure that the employees that will be given the task of both marketing the company and pursuing sales leads are very well trained. Since they will be most customers’ first contact with the company, they must act as ambassadors for your brand and leave the best first impressions possible.

3. You Will Need to Work More Closely with Your Team

If there is no firm division between marketing and sales, management needs to work more closely with the employees who will be tasked with both jobs. You should give direct feedback on both how the company should be marketed via sales pitches as well as any advertising materials that are implemented.

4. You Need to Balance Independence and Supervision of Your Staff

The personnel that will be both marketing and selling products need to be given enough space to do their own thing to entice customers in their own personalized way. However, you also need to supervise your staff to make sure that their chosen tactics are in line with how you want your company presented. Recording cold calls and reviewing them later, for example, is one option.

5. The Marketing Aspect Needs Cohesion

For many companies without a marketing department, their advertising campaigns can be a jumbled mess. Make sure this is not the case. Even if marketing and sales are the same, all ads and ad campaigns need to be strictly targeted at specific audiences with cohesion in both message and imagery.

6. Online Marketing and Sales Can’t Be Ignored
While methods like cold calling are standbys in the industry, you also need to make sure you are not ignoring the possibility of producing revenue from online sales as well.According to CNN, about 43 percent of the world’s population uses the internet. Have your employees coordinate internet campaigns through social media, online advertisements and more. Also track the progress of all online marketing and sales efforts with software tools.

7. Combining Sales and Marketing Isn’t for Every Company

While using sales to market your business may seem like a brilliant way to slash expenses, it may not work out as well as you had hoped. Overall, consider your company’s core competencies when determining whether or not it is a good strategy.