7 Tips for Styling Your Family for a Photo Shoot

December 27, 2015 - Lifestyle
7 Tips for Styling Your Family for a Photo Shoot

The family photo is a way to cherish the memories of being together. You can take a traditional picture where everyone dresses in a nice outfit and sits in a manner that is professional in appearance. Fun family photo shoots are also on the rise, and there are a few ideas as to how you can make getting the picture taken as smooth as possible.

Even if you just want a simple picture of the family, consider dressing everyone in the same color. If everyone doesn’t have the exact same color, at least try to use the same hue. Blue, green or peach are good colors that can stand out against almost any background. You also want to try to have the same style of pants in the picture, such as jeans or a khaki design.

Keeping everyone on the same level in the picture might seem organized, but it can be rather boring. Stagger each person in the picture so that it seems like there is a flow. Position each person so that diagonal lines are created. You can also arrange everyone from oldest to youngest as this will likely create a natural staggered effect.

The body is meant for movement, so take this movement to the family photo. Most people want to stand as stiff as possible in a picture so that it looks formal. This isn’t how you act on a daily basis, so ditch the idea in a picture. Shift the weight of each person to an opposite side for a fun look, or cross the feet while standing against a wall. If you want a specific pose, then consider having everyone mirror what you look like.

Don’t expect children to sit still through the entire photo shoot. Let them make faces, smile like they want or act in a way that they would act at home. Keep the photo shoot as natural as possible, even if it means you have a few silly poses of the family.

There are certain areas of the body that people enjoy, and there are areas that might not look as flattering on camera. Make sure each person is facing the camera so that the best look is achieved. Those who might be a little overweight and self-conscious would benefit from a shoot where everyone lays on the stomach on the ground. A shoot with children piling on the top of parents is great for younger children who might desire the comfort of being close to the parents.

You can get multiple looks in one photo shoot by layering clothing. A jacket or vest is ideal as these can easily be removed from one scene to another. This prevents needing to change clothing with each scene, especially for younger children.

With all of the different camera tricks, you can get many designs on your pictures after they are taken. You want to use a few props in the pictures that will coordinate with the patterns that you desire. An example would be cowboy hats and boots with a black and white look.
Your family pictures don’t have to be stiff and uncomfortable. Find your comfort zone so that everyone has fun and is able to be themselves.