6 Clothing Items to Purchase Used

October 28, 2015 - Lifestyle
6 Clothing Items to Purchase Used

These days, clothing resale is big business with thrift shops on every corner, plus a booming online trade in designer apparel. Not everyone knows what to buy new and what’s best to grab secondhand. Here are six must-haves that should definitely be bought used:


Have you ever felt slightly cheated spending three years to break in a leather jacket? Instead, get someone else to put in the first couple years of work for you and buy a soft, malleable, and if your prefer, slight distressed jacket secondhand. The savings can be almost unreal with jackets originally worth $500 – $1,000 new going for less than $100. Most sites offer tons of pictures, so you know exactly the condition you’re getting.


If you don’t mind wearing last year’s designer jeans, you can also get these in near-perfect condition from thrift shops and consignment stores, online or in your neighborhood. Many people will but a pair of high-end jeans, wear them once, and decide they don’t like them that much. There’s no accounting for taste, they say, so these might be your next pair of live-in jeans, but at bargain basement prices.

Designer bags

Nothing says I-have-arrived like a handbag from Coach or Louis Vuitton. For many women, the price tag on these bags are a bit prohibitive especially if purchased new from the high-end shops that sell them. Another options is to buy a bag secondhand. Many designer bags can be purchased in slightly used condition for a price not much higher than a new non-designer label purse. After all, these bags are constructed from high quality materials. If treated right, they can look as-good-as-new for years.


These may not be the first items that come to mind when thinking about used clothing, but for high quality silk scarves, elegant pashmina, or vintage items, buying them secondhand is the way to go. This isn’t just because of the savings. Trends in scarves texture and pattern change overnight. If you want a specific type of scarf, buying a previously loved scarf may be your best option for getting exactly what you want.

Formal wear

For men and women, formal wear carries a pretty hefty price tag, especially for clothes that may only be worn once or twice a year, or maybe just once ever, depending on the occasion. Why pay an outrageous sum for a tuxedo or formal gown when so many are available in lightly used condition? The savings here can be substantial, even if the dress or suit require dry cleaning and pressing before the big event.

Baby clothes

These are some of the most popular items purchased secondhand in part because they never get a lot of wear. After all, babies and toddlers outgrow their clothes at an almost epic pace. This is why the market is so full of great baby clothes buys and why it makes perfect sense to take advantage of them. Why spend hundreds of dollars on clothes that may be wearable for only six to ten weeks of an infants live? Instead, buy high quality used clothing and put the savings in his/her college fund.