5 Times when Employees need Motivation the Most

December 9, 2015 - Business
5 Times when Employees need Motivation the Most

Your employees are some of the most important people in your company. They are usually the front end of your company and are the first people your potential customers see upfront. The key is to be there for them when you need them. Remember to think about these five moments when your employees need you the most.

5 Times when Employees need Motivation the Most

– The New Year

It is in the new year where employees are naturally motivated and want that additional push. The goal is to make sure that you always make this a time of year where you get them ready to forget about their old habits.

– After Dealing With A Sickness

When employees clock out and leave work for a few days, it’s easy for employees to not feel motivated to work hard since they have been gone and they feel like working extra hard won’t make much of a difference. Let this be the time you inspire and motivate them to work harder. An incentive of any kind as a way for them to get back on track for the days they have missed is a subtle way of getting them to work hard again.

Difficult Times Of The Year

During the holidays, customers can be just a little bit tougher to deal with. Remind your employees that handling these customers will be tough, and make sure you are there for them when they are having a bad day. Remind them to be kind and generous, and that you are grateful if they are patient during work.

Customers Being Harsh

It’s during the holidays when companies can get a whole rush of customers, but on a daily basis, there are always people who are going to be mean to your employees. When you notice employees being rude to your employees, speak to them about why the customer got like that. It could sometimes be their fault, but not always.

– After Team-Building Events

Spend a few times a year doing team building events. They are a great way to connect all the employees with each other, and it could also be good for developing trust and respect within the company. It’s during these times and after these events where it’s perfect to try and push them to work harder. It’s all about creativity and making sure you motivate them and give your advice when it’s the right time.