5 Smart Gift Ideas using Native American Jewelry

December 13, 2015 - Lifestyle
5 Smart Gift Ideas using Native American Jewelry

American Navajo Indians have been making jewelry since they were taught the trade fromĀ Mexican silversmiths in the late 1800’s. Turquoise was a favorite stone of the tribes and soon, Persian turquoise was being traded. Even though silver and turquoise has stayed a traditional favorite, here are some ways to use native American jewelry in your gift ideas.

Retro 70’s Look

Many actresses sported the American Indian look during the 1970’s. If you know a collector of this era, dazzle her with Native American Turquoise Jewelry Inspired by Cher. Created by SilverTribe, you will find a huge selection of unusual, but attractive rings, bracelets and necklaces, reminiscent of earlier days.

Authentic Pieces

Obtaining authentic jewelry from Native American Indians will provide a traditional and historical sentiment to someone that values heritage. An original piece of jewelry from a tribe will be a one-of-a-kind work of art because they are individually crafted. Look for attention to detail, made with sterling silver and quality materials. Handcrafted Bone Chokers can make a real statement of spiritual perfection, human accomplishment and a new beginning. Make sure the hair pipe bones are original and not reproduced plastic. You can choose from 3 to 7 strands. Most women prefer 3 to 4 strands.

Gemstones with Spiritual Meaning

While most people look to a birthstone as being representative of their Zodiac sign, Native Americans has quite a different take on gems. For example, onyx is said to drive away bad tempers and unwanted thoughts. Amethyst produces a peaceful energy andĀ encourages freedom from addiction. Give this gift along with a slip of paper that clarifies the stone’s Native American meaning.

Shapes of Nature

Owls, turtles, bears, or dragonflies are common animal shapes that are often seen in Native American jewelry. Depending on the tribe, they may or may not have specific meanings. Usually, they are products of nature that should be held dear and loved. Pens and necklaces are designed with stones or a plain stamped stainless steel or gold-plated metal. Nature lovers will find a special meaning to one of these jewelry gifts that represent nature and life.

Accessories for Native American Jewelry

If you do not feel comfortable in selecting a gift as personal as a piece of jewelry, look at other gift ideas that will compliment a collection of Native American jewelry. Woven baskets, dream catchers, belts or belt buckles and pottery are always welcome gifts.

Visit sites that feature handmade Native American jewelry and look at other options besides turquoise. Red coral is a nice choice with black leather or if you have a male friend, tiger eye or jasper make a great masculine ring or bracelet. Native American jewelry is a very special way to show someone that you took the time to research the meanings of the culture and to select the perfect gift.