5 Must-Have Food Truck Features

November 16, 2015 - Business
5 Must-Have Food Truck Features

Hip restaurants used to be the talk of the town with fusion dishes and busy counters all day long. However, today’s foodie is looking for a more eclectic collection of menu items. Food trucks used to be the last resort for construction workers and other mobile employees, but these traveling restaurants are now the top-requested foods in almost any urban area. When you run a successful food truck business, you must have these top features to keep rolling in the dollars.

Interior Storage

If a customer asks you for a straw and you are completely out, that reflects poor food truck service. You should always have ample inventory of all of the basics. Ideally, your food truck should use all of the available space along the walls for shelving. Add nonperishable items wherever there is space along these walls, so that your customers are always served with everything necessary for the meal.

Sanitary Conditions

Invest in meat thermometers and climate-controlled refrigerators to keep your business as sanitary as possible. All of the food should be germ-free, so that customers aren’t vulnerable to indigestion. In addition, cooks should have ample access to food-service gloves and hand sanitizer too. Most of the food truck’s features must have cleanliness as a top priority to prevent possible meal contamination.

Modern POS System

Your customers shouldn’t have to worry about carrying around cash. Increase your profits with a POS or point-of-sale system that takes cash, debit and credit cards. This POS system doesn’t have to be a bulky cash register either. In fact, your business might do well with a mobile phone or tablet accessory that accepts credit cards. Swipe these cards and move onto the next paying guest.

Exterior Counters

Customers don’t want to balance their meal during lunch so offer foldout counters and chairs. Food trucks can be customized with nearly any feature, but counters and chairs should be the first item on the list. The moment you pull up to a location, open the counters and chairs out to potential guests. The inviting appearance of your food truck could encourage people to try your menu.

Clean, Bright Advertising

Old-fashioned food trucks were white with basic lettering, but you must stand out from the crowd today. Paint the truck an attractive color and wash it frequently. A clean and shiny food truck tells your customers that you pay attention to detail, including the food’s menu selections.

Another feature that’s more akin to marketing is social media expertise. Your customers wouldn’t know where you were unless there was immediate advertising through social media. Use your social media platforms to announce your daily locations and specials. Customers enjoy the hunt for their favorite food truck and seek them out whenever possible.