5 Furniture Pieces You Should Purchase Secondhand

December 17, 2015 - Lifestyle
5 Furniture Pieces You Should Purchase Secondhand

When you are in the market for new furniture, you may want to consider buying secondhand furniture made out of wood or metal instead of new furniture. In addition to saving money, secondhand furniture offered for sale at thrift shops, consignment stores and donation centers often has built-in value and costs a fraction of new furniture.

Secondhand Furniture Made Out of Wood and Metal

The demand for secondhand furniture has increased because thrift shops, consignment stores and donations because older solid wood and metal furniture is made better than newer furniture. In many ways, older secondhand furniture is a commodity because it has a track record and new furniture doesn’t.

As a rule of thumb, when picking out furniture you should keep your eye out for furniture made out of wood or metal. Although it may take more time to find what you are looking for, you will find it because thrift shops and donation centers are much more selective about what they can and will accept from donors these days. As such, consumers have a better chance of finding quality secondhand wood furniture now than ever before.

Wooden Dining Room Sets

Even though many new dining sets are reasonably priced, new dining room sets are not made out of quality materials that older solid wood dining sets are made out of. As such, consumers who are looking to purchase a new dining set should really consider the benefits of investing in a secondhand dining set that has a track record and is made out of wood or metal.

Wooden Desks

Other furniture you buy seconhand versus new are wooden or metal desks. Even if older wood needs to be refinished or repaired, it still makes sense to invest in quality wooden secondhand furniture.

Wooden Coffee Tables

Secondhand wooden coffee tables are also good choice because they can be purchase for a fraction of the cost. In addition, they can be refurbished to look brand new. However, as many consumer discover many of the older coffee tables look even better because they are older than new coffee tables.

Wooden or Metal Bookcases

In addition to tables and desks, you should consider purchasing wood or metal bookcases secondhand as well. New bookcases are not manufactured like they were in the past. Newer bookcases fall apart almost as soon as they are put together.

Wooden Chests of Drawers

Another piece of furniture that should be purchased secondhand instead of new are chests of drawers. As with all the other pieces of wood furniture found at thrift shops, consignment stores and donation centers, the level of craftsmanship is better with older furniture than new furniture.

Secondhand Outdoor Furniture

If you are in need of outdoor furniture, then you should consider purchasing all or some of your outdoor furniture used instead of new as well.