3 Critical Problems to Avoid When Booking an Event Venue

December 11, 2015 - Lifestyle
3 Critical Problems to Avoid When Booking an Event Venue

Getting the plan of an event wrong can have some prejudicial consequences that are hard to recover from. There is a significant amount of investment that goes into organizing an event whether it is small or big. A failed event can damage your reputation as a planner and the reputation of your organization as well. The whole essence of planning an event is so that you can wow your guests. You have to surpass their anticipations leaving them delighted. Therefore, to ensure that you avoid some of the common mistakes people make when booking a venue for their event, you should avoid these three critical mistakes:

1. Not being keen on the event requirements
You should make sure you have a checklist of things that you will be looking for in a venue before you go out to book the venue. Make sure that your list factors in the number of guests you expect at the event, the type of activities that will be carried out, how much food is required and the entertainment. Having a checklist will help you be able to estimate the size and type of venue that will be ideal for the event. Be careful that you don’t book a venue that is too small for your event. You want to avoid a scenario where your guests are cramped together and are very uncomfortable. You also don’t want the venue to be too large that people are seated quite far from each other.
When you have finally settled on a venue, be sure to make countless trips to ensure that everything is going on according to plan. Do not trust the picture perfect look that some event owners post on their websites and showy magazines when they are advertising. These photos can be quite misleading.

2. Having a slipshod budget plan
A proper budget plan is very important when planning for an event and more specifically booking a venue. Before you decide on the venue, it is judicial that you are presented with an exact count of everything that you will be paying for so that you could refer to your budget. You don’t want to sign the contract then on the final day you are asked to pay for additional things that you missed when you were signing the contract. This could easily make you lose the venue. Be careful to read the requirements of the contract and refer to your budget to ensure that everything is okay.

3. Improper location
The location of the venue is very important. It plays an important role in ensuring that when your guests arrive at the venue they do so with a smile on their faces. When booking an event venue you should ensure that venue has enough parking space for your visitors’ vehicles. You also don’t want a scenario where your visitors have to park somewhere that’s far from the venue. You also need to ensure that the location of the venue is strategically placed so that none of the guests are disadvantaged or inconvenienced.